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Now Available from Columbus Irrigation Inc.

12 MX


  • Precision planting/fertilizer units.
  • 1, 2 and 4 rows for small acreage and gardens
  • Split-rim, concave cast iron presswheel firms seedbed, but leaves loose zone directly over seeds
  • Features a Gravity-Drop Hopper to eliminate seed damage
  • Accurately places 34 to 650 lbs of fertilizer per acre with adjustable rate control
  • Comes with 4 seed plates and gears for different seeds & spacing
  • Fertilizer hopper
  • MultiFlex design allows for consistent depth control
  • Deep V seed opener promotes fast germination and uniform planting


  • Three-point Hitch 12 MX
  • Units available for Cat. 1 tractors.
  • Sturdy frame and mounting prevent planter's twisting or swaying, and assure straight rows.


  • Two-row units are complete. They consist of quality 2 ½" diamond bar with Cat. 1 hitch, mounting brackets, and 2 12MX planting/fertilizing units.
  • Mounting brackets are sturdy blocks and U-bolts. They prevent planter's swaying or tilting, and assure straight rows.

No Seed Damage with Gravity-Drop Hopper

1. Seeds feed under seed partition.

2. Seeds picked up as seed plate turns; excess seeds fall back.

3. Seeds drop through opening with gentle action of gravity. No brushes, knockers or fingers to damage seeds.

4. Spout delivers accurately metered seeds one at a time to the Deep Vee sword opener for placement.


Quality features mean top stands.

1. Deep Vee Sword cuts smooth, even seed trench and draws moisture to seed bed. The Deep Vee at bottom of the trench is of uniform shape and depth.

2. Seeds are placed to uniform depth because seeds are trapped at the same depth in the Deep Vee.

3. Fertilizer is placed to side of seedbed where young roots will find early nourishment, but not before they are vigorous enough to stand the fertilizer.

4. Press wheel firms soil around seeds, but leaves a loose zone directly over the seed to ease emergence. Air is eliminated from the seedbed.